Why I Love Summer

My thoughts

After writing Why I Love Footy, I realised Mitch loved many other things too – like summer. He loves it for lots of reasons, but mostly because he gets to spend LOTS of time with his family.

What the critics are saying

“… both nostalgic and timeless … Why I Love Summer celebrates the classic Australian summer, past and present, and the joy of family and friends. A perfect summer book.” Magpies Magazine

“Following on from the success of Why I Love Footy, the iconic Australian duo, Michael Wagner and Tom Jellett have teamed up once more to bring perhaps the most Aussie picture book of this year, Why I Love Summer … at the end of the day, it’s also just nice to read a story set in Australia during the craziest three months of the year and being able to easily identify and relate to every single thing mentioned and pictured.” The Never Ending Bookshelf