Why I Love Footy

Why I Love Footy front cover

The blurb

If there was a blurb, it would say something like this…

There are a bazillion reasons to love footy! These are just my biggest ones…

There’s the big tackles and amazing marks. There’s wearing the scarf and singing the song. But whether your team wins or loses, from the opening bounce to the final siren, the very best thing about footy is that we do it together.

Why I Love Footy is a perfect book for families and footy fans of all colours.

My thoughts

This is my first ever picture book and I couldn’t be prouder. Yes, it’s about footy, but it’s also about families and doing things together and looking after each other. And that’s very important to me.

What the critics are saying

“MICHAEL WAGNER’S ‘Why I Love Footy’ is the AFL picture book we’ve been waiting generations for!” The Little Bookroom

“We couldn’t help but get enthused reading this vibrant book. Whether the kids are footy fans or not, great messages of team spirit, togetherness and hope make Why I Love Footy infinitely lovable – and so very Aussie!” reviewzoo.com.au

“After reading Why I love Footy I must congratulate Michael Wagner for changing my perspective of this popular Australian game. His book not only highlights some of the ‘bazillion’ reasons why footy is so special, it also highlights how sport can bring a family together.” kidsreviewcrew.blogspot.com.au

“What’s not to love about a book that opens with the lines: ‘There are a BAZILLION reasons to love footy! These are just my BIGGEST ones’?  And indeed, Why I Love Footy … really captures the excitement of attending a football match in such a whimsical way…Sarah says while she actually doesn’t love footy herself, she just LOVES this book.” Sarah Mayor Cox, ABC Mornings.

“With footy season in full swing, what little (and big) AFL fan wouldn’t love this book? With its leather bound football on the spine and all the team scarves on the endpapers, ‘Why I Love Footy’ already hits the mark.” creativekidstales.com.au

“Why I Love Footy perfectly reflects the experience of going to an Australian Rules match. For kids who love to go to the footy it mirrors their experience and for those who haven’t been it’s a great introduction.” Alexa Dretzke, Readings

“Why I Love Footy has the hallmarks of appealing to those in the know: footy-mad kids aged four to 10.” The Big Issue