How to book Michael for Schools, Libraries, Festivals and Other Visits

How to Book Me

If you’d like me to visit your school, library, festival or event, just email me at:

But I CANNOT guarantee I’ll be wearing big white undies during my visit!

Michael Wagner at a school assembly in his Undys - the nightmare finally came true!

What I do when I visit

For younger primary children, I tell stories from my life and my books in my own animated way.
For middle-upper primary children, I talk about where ideas come from, the creative process, working with your imagination, why stories matter, and how to quickly structure plots. And much more.
Here are some snaps taken from recent talks …
And here’s a video made by my agency, Booked Out, that explains a little of what I do in my author talks.

Feedback from teachers, librarians and students

“Our Junior School really enjoyed and were inspired by Michael’s talk … the students loved hearing his funny, and sometimes gross, stories. They liked the way he talked about how ideas were like dreams – very slippery and could be lost or forgotten easily if they weren’t written down.  The students are still raving about ‘slippery’ ideas and many are asking parents for journals to write their ideas in. Several of our Year 2 students went home the night of Michael’s presentation and wrote stories, bringing them back to proudly show their teachers the next day. I particularly liked the way Michael helped students to understand character development.” – Haileybury, August 2009

“He told us how to write a successful plan and most of us have since written a great book. He was very funny with a lot of humour. All of level three are grateful for him so thank you Michal Wagner and all teachers who organised it.” – Lucas and Rhys, Kingston Heath Primary School, 3H, 2015

“I just wanted to say the kids are all over your books. I read Dog Wars with the 3/4’s and they LOVE it (as do I). Emily Rodda, Roald Dahl and Jeff Kinney have all been seriously overshadowed by the great Michael Wagner.” – Merryn Clift, Deer Park North Primary School

Michael Wagner with a flag at a school talk - who knows why!?

Here I am waving a flag. I’m not sure why.

“I learnt that there are ideas everywhere you look and how precious ideas are.”

“I learnt that some people do 40 drafts instead of 1 or 2.”

“I learnt to always have fun with my writing.”

“Today I learnt how to get ideas to start a story and what to do if you can’t think anymore.”

“The children thought he was fantastic and he was very inspiring, especially for young boys who are reluctant to read.”

“Anyone who shares stories about frisbeeing nappies, self-gratuitous football commentary and conducts a game of corridor cricket in a library is a genius.”

“Very engaging, funny, couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces.”

“Funny, inspiring, very entertaining.”

“Many students were inspired to start writing their own stories.”

“He had a wonderful rapport with all of the students.”

“Great audience involvement.”

Michael Wagner, Julia Gillard and Mike Larkham at the MS Readathon

Woah! After one visit I met former Prime Minister Julia Gillard once and Mike Larkham too. I was so honoured!