The Undys

The blurb

At last a pair of Undys we can all enjoy!

Is your dad silly? Does he muck around too much? Is it annoying when he wins? If you said ‘yes’ to any of these questions, your dad is just like mine. That means you will love this book.

This book is about me and Dad. We are the Undys. I am Josh Undy and Dad is Phil Undy. We love to play games. We love excitement. We love action. And our games never stop – no matter what!

Fresh, fast & funny

Bursting with puzzles, activities and madcap games.


Grab your free Undys Reward here (these include puzzles, activities and madcap games).

My thoughts

The Undys are six of the most exciting books anyone has ever read. They are revolutionary. They will change the way you think about books. They will change the entertainment landscape! And if they don’t, they will still be quite enjoyable to read!

But seriously …

The Undys are Josh Undy and his dad, Phil. They love playing their own silly made-up games. They love to compete with each other and anyone else who wants to play, and they love to win. Some of the games they play include Gut Barging, Toe Wrestling, Total Embarrasment, 12-Storey Soccer and the Strongest Strongman.

Their biggest rule is ‘Whatever happens, happens.’ That means no matter what stupid, unexpected or ridiculous thing happens, the game does not end. The action never stops, no matter what.

There are also millions of amazing and hilarious illustrations in the books by Gus Gordon and lots of puzzles and fun activities as well.

What others are saying about The Undys


“Michael Wagner’s father-and-son team is truly delightful. The Undys possess qualities we should aspire to: humility, ingenuity and, most importantly, the ability to appreciate a good bum joke.” Frances Atkinson, The Age, Melbourne on book three, Itching for Action

“This is indeed a father/son team you’d love to run into and spend a spontaneous afternoon cavorting with – so totally is this pair invested in the spirit of life and fun.” Kids Book Review

“The second in the stories about the Undy family is just as endearingly funny as the first.” Magpies Magazine on book two, Let’s Get Physical.

“Gus Gordon has done a great job of capturing Josh and his Dad and all their friends in all their eccentric, endearing glory.” Kristy Diffey,

“Wagner has an obvious affection for his characters, which, combined with his gentle humour, simple language and clear writing, should make Wet and Wild a hit with reluctant readers.” Perth’s Child

A gem for the kids … Undy-fatigable.” Weekend Gold Coast Bulletin on book three, Itching for Action.

“… a paean of praise to friendship, inclusiveness and loving… It would be hard not to like this group with their sense of fun, genuine affection for each other and real sense of justice. Magpies Magazine on book four, Wet and Wild

“… you’re going to giggle yourself ill reading The Undys.” Frances Atkinson, The Age, Melbourne (book one, Let the Games Begin)

“Middle primary aged boys will almost certainly enjoy the crazy antics of the Undy family.” Magpies Magazine on book one, Let the Games Begin.

“The Undys will keep you laughing until you have reached the end of the book, maybe even longer! It is full of hilarious, energy-packed action!” Bayside Bulletin Newspaper

“You’ll love it!” DMAG

“The fun just never stops…wow.” Disney Girl

“You’ll even be rewarded as you finish each chapter!” Sunday Mail, Adelaide

“There is a laugh or three on every page of this book.” Christopher, newkidsbooksinoz website

“Any of the Undys books is great on its own, but together they give an even better impression of a family.” Storytime Books (New Zealand)

“An homage to silly dads everywhere.” Herald-Sun, Melbourne

“This is a great book not just because of the four hilarious stories about … a camping holiday with family and friends, but the rewards between each chapter.” Sunday Mail Adelaide

“I know one young reader [for whom] The Undys is his favourite book of the moment. He loves the story and the artwork. Perfect for kids 6 – 10 and if they can’t read it themselves, then this is a great one for a parent to read aloud.” The Reading Stack


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“Have you ever had so much fun that you ripped your pants? If so, this book will suit you right down to the undies. It has it all. I just could not put it down. I think it would be suitable for anyone who likes humour. I’m sure you will enjoy it as much as I did.” Jordan Bryson, Victoria

“The Undys is the first novel that I have ever read from start to finish. It took me 7 weeks to read and I had to keep stopping to tell my Dad about the next game.” Austin, 6 ½

“I love ALL the Undy books, ’cause josh is such a cool kid. I love him! I’d write more but mum doesn’t let me have more than 5 lines in an email.” Theo

“Just to let you know you are my favourite author and PLEASE keep on writing your books, they’re great!” Giselle, 10.

“i love the undys book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Tameeka, 11

“Your books are fantastic they are the best in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Michael, 7

“My favourite book of yours is ‘The Undy’s Let the Game Begin’. I love games and had so much fun not only reading the book but playing the rewards at the end of each chapter (especially the last one!). Thanks so much for your books.” Nicholas, 7

“My favourite moment is when Aunty Faber embarrasses Josh and Phil by peeling of her clothes to show that she is nude. I like the way that the Undys always come up with a game to play. My favourite game is The Great Escape, but they are all great. I love them all !!” Sam, 8

My dad is exactly like Phil Undy and we play Gut Barging and other cool games. The Undys are really funny and they are great comedy.” Talia Mann, 9

“Hi it’s Ryan … can you come to Upper Ferntree Gully Primary School. (it’s the school I go to.) I am in grade 3/4N. The melways is page 74 G6/7. I hope you can come.” Ryan, 9

“I like all of the Undys books because they are Hilarious! Other reasons are:

I laugh heaps at Phil Undy’s disgusting habits
Their made up games are AMAZING
Josh Undy is just like me!
They’re funny
They’re really funny
They’re really really funny
They’re really really really funny!” Tom Roddis, 10 years old

“The Undys is like the best book I’ve read for a few months. The games inspired me to go on the street and just do that, as in Book #2 Let’s get physical. The dance one was so great I wanted to go to a park with a friend and do just that, so there you have it. From your No.1 fan in the City, State, Country, Planet, Solar System, Galaxy and Universe.” Kevin, 12 years old

My Mum thinks your books are cool too, even though she is old!!” Harvey, 9 years old, Canterbury

“I am probably the most immature 13 year old so I love the books The Undys!! 😀 ” Caitlin

“The Undys: Let The Games Begin is so great I can’t put it into words and sometimes me and Dad Gut Barge, but he wins most of the time!” Gage

“My dad is like Phil Undy because he is funny and your book made be laugh. The games were different and it was a very COOL book.” Brodie


“I wanted to congratulate you on hitting the target aimed right at boys in primary school. I am the teacher-librarian at my school and your books, particularly the Undy’s Series, are constantly off the shelves and on reserve. I was able to promote them originally with great confidence having road tested them with my Tom and read them myself. (My other three kids loved them too if they happened to be around when I was reading aloud!)

• I like how you have created Josh Undy as a character they can really enjoy without tipping too far over into the toilet/gutter humour side.
• I like the message that it is cool to love your dad, even when he’s embarrassing, annoying and daggy .. and to say so.
• I like how as role models, the Undy boys are blokey blokes but have a gentle side.
• I like the format of the books with all the interesting bits and sound effects and notes and illustrations.

I was interested to see the reaction from boys without significant male role models in their lives, but I think they enjoy the “fantasy” of Josh’s life and can relate to him because even though he has a great dad, his world is not perfect either. Keep up the great work!” Sue Higgins, primary teacher

“Class 2M LOVED naked Aunty Faber !! They actually screamed when I got to that page. As soon as we finish the book we will write to the author.” Anne Murray, primary teacher, Balgowlah Heights Public School

“A boy in our class … used your book (“The Undys – Let the games begin) for a Book Talk – and the assessment was unanimous – we wanted to read it IMMEDIATELY! The class is really enjoying it. Keep writing.” Jenny, year 3 teacher, Adelaide


“Thank you – what you write has heart, imagination and fun. Will has read all your Maxx Rumbles and is delighting in your Undys a second time around already.” Kate

“I wanted to write to let you know that my son Daniel (aged 9) recently started reading your Undys books and he is really looking forward to the publication of the third one. Dan is a hard one to motivate in the reading department but your books have done it. YAY!

“As a primary school teacher I really love to introduce kids to the joys of reading and I was a little miffed (to say the least) that my own boy was such a hard case. Hopefully this will lead to a little more reading and a little less DS Lite although I don’t think he’ll ever reach the level of love that his 10 yo sister Emily has (she reads everything from the Deltora Series, Eragon and Eldest, Narnia and the Dark Materials series to name a few AND an Undys book- to find out what the fuss was about.)

“A few weeks ago I found Daniel under the covers reading “Let’s Get Physical” WAY after his bed time. I was really torn between yelling at him to go to sleep and cheering. Think I settled for some kind of compromise.

“Anyway, a big thank you. (I guess I should say I have also read your books and love them too.)” Robyn