New So Wrong Website

Oh boy, this is BIG!

Along with my new book, So Wrong, I’ve been secretly working with my friend, Wayne Bryant, on the So Wrong website, which contains its own So Wrong Book Club.

Now book clubs might not be your thing, but this one’s different. This is the where you’re guaranteed to be wrong first. That’s the So Wrong promise!

And as a member of the So Wrong Book Club you’ll know about stuff like the following before anyone else even has a single clue.

  • special offers (which include secretly discounted things)
  • free stuff you can download (there’s a 9-page colour-in book waiting for you right now)
  • amazing competitions
  • sneak peeks of upcoming books (you can see them there now)
  • access to our secret, hidden Member’s Only Shop (with special offers and amazing bargains)
  • and all sorts of other delightful wrongness.

Straightaway, as a club member you can pre-order So Wrong without having to pay for postage and handling – that’s a $4 saving from the moment you join.

So if you don’t like book clubs, but you do like wrongness, come and join the So Wrong Book Club.


June 14, 2016

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