Maxx Rumble Cricket

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So many kids liked the Maxx Rumble Footy series that we decided to make a series about cricket too. These 8 books follow Maxx through a crazy cricket season where he plays alongside his tiny but super-determined little brother, Rexxy. Keep scrolling to see rough illustrations of lots of their team mates.

All 8 Cricket books in one

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Terry Denton’s characters sketches for the cricket series.


What others are saying about Maxx

‘A winning formula, well executed. 4 STARS’ Bookseller and Publisher 

‘Full of cool illustrations and nail-biting events, you’ll love this sporting series.’ Disney Magazine

‘The series provides non-stop action all the way and will, I suspect, be enormously popular with younger primary school readers, both boys and girls.’ Russ Merrin, Magpies Magazine

I love these little books about Maxx Rumble… easy to read for the younger reader, but right through to adults will get a laugh.’ Joan Steinman, Ballarat Courier

‘Each book is a quick read, self-contained and full of laughs. The comic illustrations by Terry Denton on every page add to the fun. Read alone or as a series, these are plenty of fun for sports-mad youngstersSally Murphy,

Both series are thrilling, exciting and the pictures from Terry Denton are great. People who love their sports will love these books.’ Matthew U. of Year 7

‘Even the most reluctant reader will find these books irresistible – I did, and I don’t even like Aussie Rules!’ Kerry Foster, Good Reading

‘The fun, fast-moving and madcap stories celebrate the uniquely Australian sport of footy.’ Classroom Magazine ‘This is the perfect read for kids who love to get caught up in the excitement of footy fever action!’ Disney Adventures Magazine

‘I would have loved to read these when I was in primary school, they are funny, informative and they are about cricket. Reluctant boy readers will thrive on them.’ Bob Docherty, Bob’s Book Blog