Destiny’s Right Hand

The blurb

a beautiful shoplifter.
a transplanted hand.
a message that.
must be delivered.

While stumbling through a harsh world of
hopes and expectations, teenage journalist
Eddie Innocent meets the stunning but strange
Destiny. As they work together to solve a
painful mystery, Eddie wonders if he’s finally
discovered the front-page news story he’s been
looking for.

What he doesn’t realise is that he’s being drawn deeper into his own darkness.

My thoughts

I think this is the best book I’ve ever written, but it’s not all action-packed and amusing like Ted, Maxx Rumble, the Undys and Dog Wars. It’s really a teenage drama tinged with magic-realism. There’s a supernatural sort of element to the story – or perhaps there just seems to be – and the two heroes, Eddie and Destiny, are 15 and 16, so it’s probably for slightly older kids too. I just thought I should let you know.

What the critics are saying

“Destiny’s Right Hand is a story about help, trust, friendship, determination and reliance on others in times of need. There is an unexpected ending to this story that leaves the reader full of emotion. The message of the story is to help someone in need of you, because you will find that helping someone else will ultimately help you. Destiny’s Right Hand is beautifully written and is definitely a great read … “ Zac Efron, 

“I really enjoyed the book and I couldn’t put it down for most of the weekend.  I would give it 4 stars out of 5 and recommend it for students in year 8.” Jesse White,

Every word in this two hundred and twenty five page book is worth reading. I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed! Rating: 10/10Ajay Matta, Girraween High School

“Most students will read this novel and enjoy it for the adventure and suspense contained within the pages. Teachers will read this novel and see a veritable goldmine for discussion. There are a plethora of issues to deal with here. Grief, depression, socio economic prejudice… the list goes on. A mention must also be made of Noah, a supporting character that has Asperger’s Syndrome. I loved Noah and feel it must be said he was written beautifully.  I will admit to feeling unsure that an author who writes warm and funny junior fiction so well would be able to successfully ‘cross over’ to Young Adult fiction.  Destiny’s Right Hand is an engaging read that is suitable for any year level with the reading comprehension to cope with it. A job well done Mr Wagner” The Book Gryffin

“I liked the unusual nature of this book. The whole idea of a renegade body part has great possibility and it was handled well. I also felt that it was targeted very nicely for that age group too old to swallow fantasy without thinking and too young to demand reality in everything they read.” Lowly’s Book Blog

A little bit odd, very quirky and possibly just what is needed in books for those middling teens.”  Kate O’Donnell, Magpies Magazine