‘Blown away’ by Bear Make Den

Jeepers! Reviews like this one for Bear Make Den make me want to dance! I mean it says… ‘I’m always blown away by the deceptive simplicity of a good picture book and this creation is no exception.’ http://www.buzzwordsmagazine.com/2016/02/bear-make-den.html Thanks so much Buzz Words!

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February 24, 2016

Bear Make Den out now!

A book about this big guy is in shops now. It’s called Bear Make Den and you can read all about it here. It’s the first book I’ve ever co-authored – I wrote it with my wife, Jane Godwin. She is VEEERY patient. And she looks like this… And the drawings were done by Andrew Joyner, who […]

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February 12, 2016

New Teacher’s Activity Pack for Pig Dude

Hey Teachers! Hi. I’ve just added a very nice (and free) Teacher’s Activity Pack for Pig Dude, right here http://michaelwagner.com.au/free-downloads/free-teachers-notes. There are five pages of Art, Design, Science and English activities – a lot of which are suitable for very young primary school kids. Go get ’em guys!  

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September 19, 2015

Pig Dude reviews

My brand new book, Pig Dude, is getting lots of lovely reviews, but none more lovely than this… http://www.buzzwordsmagazine.com/2015/09/pig-dude-he-can-do-anything.html?spref=tw  

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September 5, 2015


Out of the Box

It’s time I let you all know that this little guy is about to get out of the box. And, for me as an author, that’s going to impact all sorts of things. To find out more, have a look here.

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July 26, 2015