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Family Hugs

A picture book that celebrates family love, bonding and support.

$24.99 + p&h

Signed for:

So Wrong

This may be the wrongest book ever made! And that’s what makes it so right.

$14.99 + p&h

signed for

So Wrong 2

Wrong again!

$14.99 + p&h

signed for


Bear Make Den

This is the first book I’ve ever written with someone else. But the person I wrote it with is my wife, Jane Godwin, so I’m not sure if that counts. 🙂

Bear Make Den cover JPG

$24.99 + p&h

Signed for:


Pig Dude: He Can Do ANYTHING!

You can do anything too.

Cover of Pig Dude: He Can Do ANYTHING!

$12.99 + p&h

signed for

Chunky Maxx Rumble Mega-Books 

These bad boys pack a punch with 8 books and more than 360 illustrated pages in each one!

Eight Maxx Rumble books on one chunky volume
signed for