The Young Adult Years (13 to 20)

  1. The Early Reader Years (birth to 12 years)
  2. The Young Adult Years (13 to 20)
  3. The Adult Years (21 to 36)
  4. The Cool Older Guy Years (37 to now)

1976 – Started at Blackburn High School.

1977 – Started to really blossom as a cricketer. The hair helped a lot. It acted as a helmet.

Second year in high school.

1978My dad won Tattslotto this year. We really did. First prize and everything. There were 3 other winners, so we ended up with about $250,000 which was a very large amount in those days. (warning: this isn’t a totally happy part of my story. Keep reading to find out why.)

Soon after we moved to Lower Templestowe because we could afford a really big house. I kept going to Blackburn High School with my friends though. It took two bus trips each day, but it was worth it.

1979 – I’d like to think it was the fashion at the time, but perhaps I was just a bit of dork. Hmmm?

 1980 – Failed to significantly penetrate the themes of my English novels. Boo!

I may have been missing the point in English, but at least I was still looking good.

1981Moved from our big place in Lower Templestowe to a slightly smaller place in East Doncaster. After a few years, we realised we couldn’t really afford the big place any more, even though we still had most of that Tattslotto money. Boo.

Finished High School. Yay!

1982 – Started a university degree at RMIT – Media Studies. Yay. Met lots of new and fun people. Yay some more.

1983Lost all of that Tattslotto money we’d won, and just about everything else we owned. We got conned in a very bad business deal. My parents split up. I moved with my mum to a really run down house – the worst place we’d ever lived in. Oh well, back to being poor again. Boo.

But there was some good news. Because we’d moved, I met my a guy called Keith on the new bus I was taking to university. Keith and I formed a band. Double-triple-yay!

1984Completed my degree at RMIT. Many yays!

Took my first flight in a plane. Didn’t like it much, so I jumped out. Actually that’s not entirely true – it was my first flight and I did jump out, but I was wearing a parachute. Eek! My friend, Andrew, and I made a radio show about it. It was bought by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Yes!

We also made a show about embalming – that’s what they do to dead bodies before funerals. Ewe!

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