My Life Story (with pictures)

Michael is a children’s author with a chequered past, having previously worked as:

  • a radio broadcaster with the ABC
  • a copywriter
  • a television scriptwriter/producer
  • a comedy writer
  • and even a songwriter.

But before any of that, he was born in Sydney, grew up in a housing commission flat in Melbourne, and played in a band that almost became famous.

His 80-plus titles include a 20-book series about the funny and exciting sporting adventures of Maxx Rumble, six books about a family called The Undys, a heart-warming first reader called Pig Dude: He Can Do ANYTHING! and the acclaimed picture books Why I Love Footy and Bear Make Den.

If you’d like to know more about Michael’s life, you’re in the right place … because his whole life story is right here. You take over, Michael…

Okay, I will!

I’ve divided my life story into four handy chunks and written a little something about each year. Some quite interesting things have happened, like:

  • I flooded my family’s flat
  • my family won first prize in Tattslotto
  • then lost it all
  • I flew in a plane for the very first time … and jumped out
  • I formed a band and made video clips that were shown on TV
  • I worked as a radio broadcaster
  • I got married and had two incredible children who make me proud every day
  • and, of course, my first book was published

Start with any ‘life chunk’ you like (but the first one has baby photos)!

  1. The Early Reader Years (birth to 12 years)
  2. The Young Adult Years (13 to 20)
  3. The Adult Years (21 to 36)
  4. The Cool Old Guy Years (37 to now)